Thursday 19 March 2015

Cassebassey's Couture....

                         Goodmorning everyone. Hope you had a good night rest?  My designed jacket is available for sell,it comes in different sizes ,but limited stock! My skirt is available in different colors too.
         Jacket: Casseybassey's Couture
         Clutch: Coast
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Tuesday 17 March 2015

Casseybssey's Style.....(ANKARA- part1)

           Good afternoon Everyone..... My lastest edition is called "Casseybassey's Style". I visited the Ankara store and picked the best of the best colorful fabrics with lovely patterns. I gave my tailor a sketch of my design and this is  the beautiful style that came out of the handiwork @ my pictures below. Isn't it beautiful?
          Well, i was thinking i shouldn't be the only one wearing my style. I bought alot of fabrics in different colors and in different unique patterns. All the outfits i made for sell were sewed  with same fabric,in different colors, different patterns and in different sizes. I want everybody to have a taste of  "Casseybassey's Style. So if you want to shop my look, simply send an Email to : . #let's talk business#...
       On my head, i'm rocking the Etam Efik...

           Fabric: Ankara
           Wrist watch: French Connection
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Monday 27 October 2014


                 Good morning  everyone,
         I hope you had a lovely weekend? My monday outfit is a two-piece jacket and pants from DILVIN collections,paired with VINCE CAMUTO shoes. Enjoy the pictures and have a lovely day. Cheers.

    Black shirt: Giordano
    Armless jacket: Dilvin
    Pants: Dilvin
    Bag: Desigual
    Shoe: Vince Camuto
    Photo by: @lojphotograghy
    Hair done by@patricksbeautyzone

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                                      Cassandra .O.

Wednesday 22 October 2014


                   Hi everyone! Hope you've been good?. It's been a while i updated my blog,i have been so busy with other stuffs.
                   Here is another look of me,i had a short hair cut,do you like it? I'm so loving my new look,#smiles# My hair cut made me look edgy and sophisticated. My outfit is from MANGO, i took pictures on my GRAN-TOURISMO(BMW GT-328i). View more pictures below,have a wonderful day y'all. XOXO
        Neckpiece: Mango
        Top: Mango
        Boyfriend Jean: Mango
        Boots: Aldo
        Photo by:@lojphotography
        Hair by:@patricksbeautyzone
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